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A Little Business With a Big Heart!

We always use J&A for all our sprinkler needs. Their work is very high quality. You could never find a more friendly, clean and professional company to do work for you.
Elvis Beaudoin
Building Operations Supervisor
Bellanca Developments LTD.

About a decade ago I had the pleasure of having two new sprinkler installers do a sprinkler renovation for a new tenant of ours. I remember talking to Jim when the boss, Angie, came over and reminded me they were there to work and not chat. I guess she was right because they still, to this day, take care of my sprinkler work. With half million square feet of commercial space to manage it makes my job a lot easier to have the J & A Sprinkler team to be there when I need them. Thank you Jim , Angie and the boys. Keep up the good work!
Elvis Brown
Operations Manager
N P R Commercial Property